Exercise 1

Choose the correct option to complete the sentences below.

1 My mum insisted  me the money.

2 She recommended the first flight home.

3 I could finally persuade Megan it.

4 He warned careful.

5 The doctor asked drinking coffee.

6 I told come with us.

7 They offered me home.

8 I encouraged my boss the project.

9 He that he was involved in the accident.

10 He of stealing the book.



Reporting verbs

Reporting verbs are used to report what somebody said, like promise, say, ask, admit, etc. And we normally classify these verbs into different groups depending on the structure they can be found in. In the grammar chart below you can see the most common reporting verbs and how they are used.
Reporting verbs
In the grammar chart below you can see the same verbs with example sentences.
Reporting verbs

The perfect gerund – regret doing vs regret having done

We use the perfect gerund to indicate that the action expressed by the verb was completed in the past.

  • I regret being married. (=now)
  • I regret having been married (=in the past)

However, it’s often obvious whether the action in the gerund happened in the past or not. In those cases,  we can use the simple gerund or the perfect gerund with little difference in meaning. With the perfect gerund we emphasise that the action was completed in the past.

  • He admitted stealing the money.
  • He admitted having stolen the money.


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