Exercise 1

Choose the correct past simple forms to complete the sentences below.

1 We to Vancouver on holiday.

2 by plane?

3 Jack with us.

4 The car suddenly .

5 When she arrived he at home.

6 The police the robber.

7 I a black shirt for the gala.

8 The meeting well.

9 Manchester United the final.

10 How much for the car?



Past simple – form

past simple table

Spelling of regular verbs

past simple spelling

Past simple – use


Completed actions in the past

We use the past simple to talk about actions or events that happened in the past. We know or we say when the events happened.

  • I saw Jim yesterday. 
  • We didn’t go out last Saturday. We stayed at home.
  • She moved to Chester three years ago.


Past habits

We use the past simple to talk about past habits (things that we did more or less often).

  • She washed her hair every day.
  • She worked as a nurse.
  • I often played in the park when we were children. 


Situations that were true in the past

We also use the past simple to talk about things that were true in the past.

  • My grandfather had two brothers.
  • He lived with my grandparents as a child. 


Events in chronological order

We use the past simple to describe the main events of a story in chronological order.

  • When I arrived home, I took off my shoes and then I relaxed on the sofa


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