Exercise 1

Complete the sentences using an imperative in positive or negative form. Use the verbs in the box.

be     drink     drive     fish     smoke     stop     talk     turn     turn off     wash     write


0 Stop the car.

1 Please, .

2 in this area.

3 your mobile phone.

4 right.

5 Please, in this area.

6 your name here.

7 careful. The floor is wet.

8 your hands.

9 slowly.

10 this water.




Infinitive form of the verb (no subject).
DO NOT or DON’T + infinitive (no subject).



You can use the imperative to:


give instructions

  • Open the package carefully.
  • Connect the cable into the plug.

give orders

  • Fasten your seatbelt.
  • Stop talking!
  • Run!

offer something to eat or drink

  • Have a cookie.
  • Have some pie.

wish something for someone

  • Have a nice holiday.
  • Enjoy your meal.
  • Have fun.

make requests

(=when we ask someone to do something). Add the word ‘please’.

  • Be quiet, please.
  • Please, sit down.


You can use let’s + verb to:


make suggestions

It’s very hot today. Let’s go to the swimming pool.
Let’s not go out today. I’m very tired.

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